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We are KASI Vintage



Kasi vintage started from passion to ethical and ecological fashion. we wanted to bring our hand-picked vintage pieces to you, so you don't have to search for them. we had an active webshop, but since that our selection has been sold at madkidworld.


We believe sustainable fashion

belongs to everyone, we believe in unique style and creative arts. Kasi is a part of the new era where all of that is possible. 

A big part of Kasi is the vibrant community that we live in. we are constantly inspired by the talented and creative people around us. Kasi has been a shared effort of not only the two of us, but so many of our friends as well. we want to be a part of building a space where there’s room for everyone to create and inspire.

if you want to work on 

Photoshoots, pop-ups, projects

and need help, contact us! 


we're happy to extend our network!

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